Training Principals and Variables


Training Principals


Hard work

Concentration and focus


Decision making

Organised individuality


Over load process


Tolerance to training

Retentive memory

Recovery processes

Ability to hang in mentality

Gradual adaption and reversibility

Sense of touch and distance

Variation of training routines

Reaction time

Training environment and atmosphere


Nutritional preferences

Ability to move from immobility


Other Major Factors and Components

Physical effort

Dedication and courage

Fatigue factors


Performance factors

Assessment skills

Technical control of skills


Fitness in preparation of physical and mental application

Analytical skills

Self pride

Respect for all opponents regardless of perception

Self confidence in one’s ability

Ability to relax between bouts


(c) Maitre d’Armes Michael A. O’Brien 24/06/2008


~ by obrienfencing on 24 June, 2008.

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