Australian Fencers L-R Alex Martonnfy, E Santo, Laz Fadgyas, Alex Szoeke, Andy Szakall

Ivan Lund (Foil), Hil Van Dijk (Epee). Austalian Champions 1955

Michael O'Brien (Sabre Champion), Julius Pollack (President AAFF), Hon. Simon Warrander (English Fencer)

L-R: Michael O’Brien (Sabre Champion), Julius Pollack (President AAFF), Hon. Simon Warrander (English Fencer)

Michael O’Brien verses Ivan Lund

Laurie Harding Smith, Ivan Lund. Inaugural Amaeteur Professional Foil Championships

Michael Sichel (Runner Up), Michael O’Brien (Winner)

Mtr. O’Brien Presiding

2 Officials, Tom Cross (Australian Foil Team)

Barbara Ross, Denise O’Brien, Barbara McCreath

Diana Roberson, ??, ??, ??, ??, Denise O’Brien, Shirley Skyring

Bk Row Bernadette Sommerville Barbara Ross, Leonie O’Brien,
Front Row Barbara McCreath, Denise O’Brien, Shirley Skyring

Leonie and Denise O’Brien

Back row Peter Willot, Mike O”Brien Bruce Hughes, Alan Hutchins, Charles Leonard Front Row Laurie H. Smith, I Alfredson, Cec Futcher

Peter Willott

Michael Sichel

Coach O’Brien and Cec Futcher

Cec Futcher Fleching in Lesson

Barbara McCreath Taking Lesson From Coach O’Brien

Joan Sweeney, Michael O’Brien, Leonie O’Brien, Stan Klonk

Fencer’s Ball

Michael and Peter

Paul Roemuss and Leonie O’Brien with Guard of Honour by Local Fencers

Apollo Institute Brisbane

William ( Bill ) Hobbs Later movie fight director 1955 Amateur -Pro comp Brisbane with Mtr.OBrien winner


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  1. I’ve just discovered this website – marvellous – wish I had seen it years ago. Referring to the photo at the top of this page: Laz Fadgyas was my first coach. I trained at VRI when Andy Szakall was there. I used to fence against Alex Martonnfy at VRI back then.

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