Personalities of the 90s

(c) Maitre d’Armes Michael A. O’Brien. Use only with permission.

Final Day at PCYC Monaco Street

Coach and Pupils


Final Day Celebration Cake

Coach and Griffith University Fencer Kate Schutzer

Griffith University Fencers Gold Coast

Melissa Bowerman


Cathy Leitch and Melissa Bowerman

Michael O'Brien, Dr. Stephen Chu, Simon Leitch

David Kershaw, Bredan O'Keefe, Cathy Leitch, Jesse Braid

David, Simon, Michael, Melissa

Cathy Leitch - Aust. Sabre Champion

Coach Craig Gemeiner, Yas, Michael O'Brien

Queensland Sabruers

Simon Leitch inherits coach's blazer of 1951

O'Brien Academy Club Members - Shaun Eto, Coach Michael O'Brien and David Kershaw, Rebecca Brushe, Rhys Brushe

Coach and Academy pupils

O'Brien Academy Junior Team - Taylor Henderson, Rebecca Brushe, ??, Emily Thomson

Far left: Rebecca Brushe Far right: Nicola Barkley

Taylor Henderson and Nicola Barkley

Ms. Leitch, Michael O'Brien, Helen Keech, Simon Leitch

Coach and aspiring champions - Cathy Leitch, Michael O'Brien, Simon Leitch

Coach at home - Michael O'Brien

Club Conference at home of Cathy and Simon Leitch

Craig Gemeiner

Fencers - Brendan O'Keefe and Chivaun Sutcliffe at school formal

Some fencing officials 2000 Olympics Sydney - ??, Jeff Gray, Leon Thomas (South Australian Coach), ??, Mtr. O'Brien, Bill Ronald (AAFF President)


One Response to “Personalities of the 90s”

  1. Fantastic photos of all the kids!! Melissa’s photo is also wonderful, we had great times didn’t we!!

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