(c) Matire d’Armes Michael A. O’Brien. Use only with permission.Jade Sarah Mike OBrien and Nick Davison

Grammar Boys at Play (Where are the girls?)

Anything for a hit

Kenmore Adult Education Class

Kenmore Adult Education Class

Kenmore Adult Education Class

Fencers celebrating ANZAC Day – Coach O’Brien and Portia Colavitti

Waiting for the march to “get under way”

RSL Kenmore Veterans ANZAC Day

Henry Mayall-Vandervelde and Hamlyn Robb

Maître Michael O’Brien & pupil Henry Mayall-Vandervelde.

Podium Places

A word from the wise.

S. Clarke, A. Crawford, K. Boys, A. Deveraux

Relaxing after training

Choose your weapons: Squash raquets or foils (Portia Colavitti)

Alex Hughes 14 with Epee Ambitions

Simona Sarmiento Fleching

Mike O’Brien working with pupil

Exchanging ripostes on lunge

Coach and pupil

Practising Fleche “Take off”

Sam Liao Practising Fleche “Work in the air”

Ramon Sarmiento at full extension

Anna Crawford’s Photo – Fencers at Yeronga

Henry’s Lunge

Portia’s Lunge

Annie Devereaux U15 National Champion Epee

Victorian Fencing Camp including a large number of Queensland fencers

U15 and Cadet Group Photo

Sergei Golubitsky and Sam Liao


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