Australian Fencers Abroad

T. Cross, S. Waring, J. Fethers, M. O’Brien, B. Cope, R. Steel, J. Bacchus

Cross, Cope, O'Brien, Fethers, Waring

L-R: Cross, Cope, O’Brien, Fethers, Waring


Left: Mangiarotti, D’Oriola

Leon Paul, Rene Paul

Bottom Left-Right: D’Oriola, Nostini. Bottom Background (Spectator Centre): Leon Paul, Rene Paul

Fethers, Steel, Waring, Cross, O'Brien

L-R: Fethers, Steel, Waring, Cross, O’Brien

Steel, O'Brien, Buckingham, Cross, Fethers, Waring

L-R: Steel, O’Brien, Buckingham, Cross, Fethers, Waring

Disputed Point- Margiarotti, D'Oriola

Top: Australian Team: Luxenberg 1953 L-R Mike O’Brien, John Fethers, Rod Steel, Tom Cross & Captain Sven Waring.
Bottom Left-Right: Disputed Point- Margiarotti, D’Oriola

1-4 Gresch Family, Ray Buckingham, Michael O'Brien, Rod Steel, Christian D'Oriola

Left-Right: 1-4 Gresch Family, Ray Buckingham, Michael O’Brien, Rod Steel, Christian D’Oriola

O'Brien vs. Porebski

O’Brien vs. Porebski

Buckingham, Cross, O'Brien

Flag Bearer: Waring. Left-Right: Buckingham, Cross, O’Brien

Noel, Lataste, ?? (Official), Catio (Coach), D'Oriola, Bancilhon, Nater, Romell

Left-Right: Noel, Lataste, ?? (Official), Catio (Coach), D’Oriola, Bancilhon, Nater, Rommell

Rommell (FR), Mangiarotti (IT), Tilley (HUN), D'Oriola (FR), De Rosa (IT), Nostini (IT)

Left-Right: Rommell (FR), Mangiarotti (IT), Tilley (HUN), D’Oriola (FR), De Rosa (IT), Nostini (IT)

De Rosa in Full Cry

Tilly residing over Closset Vs Di Rosa

De Rosa in Full Cry

Di Rosa in Full Cry

Karparti, D'Oriola, De Rosa

Left-Right: Karparti, D’Oriola, Di Rosa

Pavasi, Cross, Bergamini, O'Brien, Di Rosa, Fethers, Steel, Spallino

L-R: Pavasi, Cross, Bergamini, O’Brien, Di Rosa, Fethers, Steel, Spallino

Janos (Interperter)

L-R: Waring, Cross, Buckingham, O’Brien. Front: Janos (Interperter)

O'Brien, Janos (Interperter)

Top L-R: O’Brien, Buckingham, Bottom L-R: O’Brien, Janos (Interperter)

Irish Boxes and Australain Fencing Friends

Prague Top L-R: O’Brien, Buckingham. Bottom: Irish Boxes and Australain Fencers Competeting For Their Countries

O'Brien, Fethers, Steel

L-R: O’Brien, Fethers, Steel

Michael O'Brien Winner of the "Challenge Bruner" January 1955. Savate Ring Top Left

Michael O’Brien Winner of the “Challenge Bruner” January 1955. Savate Ring Top Left. Bottom Right Michael O’Brien lunging in Cercle Hoche.

Buckingham, Baker, O'Brien

Buckingham, Baker, O’Brien

O'Brien and Baker

Maitre O’Brien & Terry Baker at London County Council location. 1954

O'Brien and Baker

Baker and O’Brien

Coping with London Winters

Michael O’Brien and Graham McKenzie midst a London winter.

Buckingham, O'Brien, Steel

L-R: Buckingham, O’Brien, Steel

Ivan Lund, Raymond Paul, Rene Paul

L-R: Ivan Lund, Raymond Paul, Rene Paul

Rene Paul, ??, Raymond Paul, Alan Jay

Rene Paul, Luke Wendon, Raymond Paul, Alan Jay


2 Responses to “Australian Fencers Abroad”

  1. Very nice, I enjoyed the photos.

  2. Nice to see photos of our contemporary fencers. 1953 world champs were in Bruxelles. Luxeembourg was 1954.
    regards nandy

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