Middle to Late 2000s

(c) Matire d’Armes Michael A. O’Brien. Use only with permission.

Club Group

Competition Nerves

Competition focus L-R: Simona Sarmiento, Sam Liao, Portia Colavitti, Mtr. O’Brien, Myra Mathews, Martina Grueber (Austrian fencer)

Brigidine College Fencers. L-R: Assistant Coach Jade Sarah, Myra Mathews, ??, Coach Mtr. O’Brien. Middle Row Left: Portia Colavitti

O’Brien Academy Fencers

Jenny Bonney-Milett and Simona Sarmiento

Sam Liao, Portia Colavitti, Mtr. O’Brien

Simona Sarmiento, Myra Mathews, Kate Perry

Myra Mathews, Mtr. O’Brien, Vicky Taylor Phillips

Henry Mayall-Vandervelde, Mtr. O’Brien, Sam Liao

Henry pro siding

Paul Crook (State Coach), Henry Mayall-Vandervelde, Mtr. O’Brien

Fencing Masters: Cornel Vena, Michael O’Brien

Mtr. O’Brien, Portia Colavitti

Coaching advice at a crucial time

Myra Mathews and Mtr. O’Brien

Alex Hughes with Coach O’Brien

Mtr. O’Brien and Simona Sarmiento

Australian Champion Foil Team: Jenny Bonney-Milett, Claire Daniel, Jade Sarah

Simona Sarmiento, Mtr. O’Brien, Ramon Sarmiento, Sam Liao

Simona Sarmiento, Claire Daniel, Alicia Ragan

St. Aidan’s Fencing

St. Aidan’s Fencing

St. Aidan’s Fencing

St. Aidan’s Fencers and Coaches

Simon Leitch – Sabre Champion

Sarah Clarke, Kitty Simpson, M. Van dervelde, ??

Annie Devereaux, Sarah Clarke, Kate Boys, ??

Sarah Clarke, Annie Devereaux, Michelle Hawkins, Kate Boys, Kitty Simpson, Alex Hughes, Helen Collyer

Henry Mayall-Vandervelde, Phillip Todd, Andrew Greenhalgh

Coach Examination Panel

Coach Examination Panel

Coach Examination Panel

Coach Examination Panel

Coach Examination Panel

Coach Examination Panel

Jeremy Hart, Nick Davidson, ??, Ramon Sarmiento

Portia Colavitti, ??, ??, Kate Boys

Sarah Clarke, Anna Crawford, Kitty Simpson, Sam Liao

Fencers Relaxing

Sarah Clarke, Coach O’Brien

O’Brien Academy Fencing

O’Brien Academy Fencing

O’Brien Academy Fencing

QFA 1 Foil 2010

Chris Hart, Michele Caporizzi, Andrew Greenhalgh, Gareth McClean, James Hill

O’Briens Academy Fencing

Alex Hughes & coach Maitre M.O”Brien.

Alex & Mtr. O”Brien.

Alex, Coach & Charlotte.

Alex Hughes and Coach O’Brien

O’Brien Academy Fencers – Top Row L-R: Russell Clarke, Christine Colavitti, Norman Campbell, Simon Leitch, Nick Horton, Andrew Greenhalgh, Maitre O’Brien, Ramon Sarmiento, Michele Caporizzi, Henry Mayall Vandevelde, ??. Front Row L-R: Jenny Bonney-Millet, Simona Sarmiento, David McFadyen, Myra Mathews, Sarah Clarke, Alex Hughes, Kate Boys, Anna Crawford, Kitty Simpson, Portia Colavitti, Sam Liao

Coach O’Brien and Portia Colavitti

O’Brien Academy Club Fencers


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