AFF Camp Victoria 2012

Participating fencers.

Coaches. Enrico Di Ciolo, Ellie Wellings & Sergei Golubitsky.

Sergei Golubitsky, Angelo St Angelo & Enrico Di Ciolo.

Camp activities.


Hard at work.


Break time. Ellie Wellings & Enrico Di Ciolo.

Alicia, Jeremy, Henry & Anna

Alex, Alicia, Annie & Kitty.

Observing direct elimination.

Portia & Michelle.

All Hallows Brisbane. Georgia Condon, Edward Hyde-Page, Anna Tremschnig & Georgia Talyor.

Annie Devereaux , Kate Boys, Kitty Simpson, Anna Crawford.

Sidd, Issac & friends.

Claire Daniel & Jenny Bonney-Millett in Japan.

Competitors in Tokyo.

Tauberbischofsheim. Queenslander, Claire Daniel & Canadian Quartet.
Kelleigh Ryan, Monica Peterson, Claire Daniel, Alanna J.Goldie & Shannon Comerford.

Claire Daniel with Canadian team.

Alex & Andrea Cassara.

Alex & Valiero Aspromente

Mr Crook, Mr Hill & Henry.

Myra Mathews, Ros Mathews & Kate Perry. Fencers looking glamorous.

O’Brien Academy fencers. Kate Perry & Myra Mathews.

Kitty Simpson & Anna Crawford at Yeronga.

Philip Todd & Izaak Alesksiev.

Kate Boys, Annie Devereaux, Elisabeth Redmond & Kitty Simpson.


Mike O’Brien & Barbara Erenchun visiting from Santiago, Chile.


Shane Maloney, Barbara & Michael O’Brien
Final discussions regarding continuation of the website (December 2012).


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