Olympic Year Rome to Mid 60’s

(c) Maitre d’Armes Michael A. O’Brien. Use only with permission.

L-R: Bill Doroghty, Susie Tozer (Visitor), Tony Hammett and their coach displaying lunge O'Brien

L-R: Bill Doroghty, Susie Tozer (Visitor), Tony Hammett and their coach displaying lunge O’Brien

Pope John 23rd and Ivan Lund

Pope John 23rd and Ivan Lund

Discussing Fencing (Maxwell Gibbs Modelling Academy)

Maxwell Gibbs Modelling Academy fencing component

Fencing Lesson at Maxwell Gibbs Academy

Girls on guard

Fencing Instruction at Maxwell Gibbs Academy

Maxwell Gibb girls with fencing coach Mike O’Brien

Coach Demontrating Lunge at Maxwell Gibbs Academy

Coach demonstrating a lunge

L-R: Ricky Winter, Coach O'Brien, Val Winter, Joh Winter (Rome Olympian), Mike Sichel (Rome Olympian)

Winter Sisters- Olympic Game fencers. Ricky, Val & Joanne with Coach Mike O’Brien

& foilist Michael Sichel.

Back L-R: B. McCowage, L. Smith, I. Lund, L. Tonally, J. Humphreys, D. McKenzie, M. Diamon. Front L-R: H. Sommerville, J. Hopner, Coach C. Stanmore, J. Winter, L. Traynor

Commonwealth Games Team 1958. Brian McCowage, Laurie Smith, Ivan Lund, Lazlo Tornallay,John Humphrey, David McKenzie, Mike Diamond, Harry Summerville, Jan Hopner, Coach Charles Stanmore, Joanne Winter & Len Traynor.

Dot Coleman NZ relazing prior to her event

Dot Coleman- Gold Medallist 1958 Commonwealth Games Foil Champion.

Joh Winter (Silver Medalist) V. Jane Hopner (Bronze Medalist)

Joanne Winter attacking Jan Hopner.

1956 Gold Medalist  Julian Sheen ENG

Lady Foil Finals.

Sheen in action again

Gillian Sheen on the right during final.

Joh Winter V. Opponent

Joanne Winter on the right V Dot Coleman in final.

Finals Piste

Finals venue.

Finals Score Sheet

Finals Score Sheet.

Presentation of Trophys

Place getters- L-R Joanne Winter, Dot Coleman NZ, Jan Hopner.

Dot Coleman Gold Medal Winner

Winners are grinners.

Charles De Beaument making the presentation

Presentation by Charles De Beaumont President of Commonwealth Games Fencing Federation.

3 Medalist on Podium. L-R: J. Winter, D. Coleman, J. Hopner, C. De Beaument (Presenter)

Commonwealth Games 1962 Perth Lady Foil Finals.

2nd Open Sabre Championship since 1955 (Same Victor)

1962 VRI Open-Professional Sabre Championships.

Final Results VRI Amateur Pro Sabre (Item Sourced from VRI Fencing Club News May 1962)

Final Results VRI Amateur Pro Sabre.

NZ Commonwealth Finalist 1962

NZ International- Brain Pickworth.

Winter Sisters in Kimoma (Tokyo Olympics)

Winter Sisters in Kimonas- Tokyo Olympics.

Winter Siblings Fencing in Tokyo Olympics 1964

Winter Siblings Fencing in Tokyo Olympics 1964- Val, Ricky & Joanne.

Quartet of Team Members

Tokyo Olympics 1964, Humpreys, Lund, McKenzie & Bowditch.

AAFF Coaching Course in Perth Coach Mike O'Brien

AAFF Coaching Course in Perth by Mike O’Brien.

Dr. Josh Forsyth (Sabre Champion 1955)

Dr. Josh Forsyth 1965 Australian Champion.

Russ Hobby (Epee Champion and 2nd Foil 1965 Perth)

Russ Hobby winner of the 1965 Australian Championship.

Marion Smith (Australian Foil Champion 1965 Perth)

Marion Smith winner of the 1965 Foil Championship in Perth.

David McKenzie (Foil Champion 1965 Perth)
David McKenzie (Foil Champion 1965 Perth)

Victorious Foil Squad 1965

Marian Smith, Denise Brockwell, Jeanette Beauchamp & Mignon Berger- 1st, 2nd & 3rd

all coached by Maitre O’Brien.

Maetsro Jock Gibson (52 Olympic fencer) giving a lesson.

Lou-Lopata on a diet.

Period display by Len Traynor. 1962 Australian Sabre Champion.

Len Trainer.

Maître John Feathers & Bill Cope – Period display.


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  1. Hello Mike, I enjoyed looking thru the pics. Blast from the past. Best to you, Riki in Canada.

    • Hi Ricki I do think back often re the days when you girls were young and all the hopes were still dreams I am now in my 90s and have spent a fair bit of this year in hospital Car accident followed by long rehab and then 11 more days Hospital with more to come in June .still I expect to get fit again and continue with the coaching ( What else am I good for ? is the question) You take care now My e’mail address is maitredarmes@obrienfencing.com Love and best wishes Mike

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