Early to Middle 2000s

(c) Matire d’Armes Michael A. O’Brien. Use only with permission.

Cathy Leitch and her Coach Mtr. O'Brien

MAOB Gold Coast Final Days - Back Row L-R: Maitre O'Brien, Mateo Barchiesi, Andrew Harcourt, Shaun McDonald, Caroline ?, David Harcourt, ??, Dr. Steven Chu, Dr. David Airey. Sitting L-R: Tony Harcourt, Zac Casagrande, Emma Hynes

Presentation by Federation to Maitre O'Brien commemorating 50 years as a Master

Presentation by Federation to Maitre O'Brien commemorating 50 years as a Master

Federation President Helen Smith, Maitre O'Brien and Queensland President Dr. Frank Walsh on the occasion of O'Briens 50 years as a Maitre d'Armes

QLD State Coach Paul Crook, Maitre O'Brien, Cathy Leitch

Maitre O'Brien celebrating 50 years as a Master with fencing colleages

Shaun Eto and Mtr. Coach O'Brien - Observers at Leipzig World Championships 2005

Maestro Enrico Di Ciolo and Shaun Eto in Pisa

Shaun Eto, Maestro Antonio Di Ciolo, Salvatore Sanzo

Fencing Salle of Maestro Antonio Di Ciolo - Pisa. Shaun Eto (Left)

Opening Ceremony World Championships Torino 2006

Shaun Eto and Maitre Michael O'Brien - Observers at World Championships Torino 2006

Foil squad members - Jenny Colditz, Coach O'Brien, Charlotte Atherton

Xochtil Navarete (Mexico), Simona Sarmiento, Ramon Sarmiento, Brian Loewe

Australian Foil Team Champions 2006 - Claire Daniels, Jade Sarah, Coach O'Brien, Jenny Bonney-Millett, Zelda Doyle

Nick Davison hosting 80th birthday celebration for his coach - Claire Daniel, Nick Davison, Coach O'Brien, Brian Loewe, Jenny Colditz, Jade Sarah

Nick Davison, Maitre O'Brien, Jade Sarah

Fencing display - Western Suburbs - Michael O'Brien, Myra Mathews, Jenny Colditz

Fencing Display - Simona Sarmiento, Jenny Colditz, Claire Daniel

Fencing Display - Claire Daniel, Simona Sarmiento, Shane Maloney

Academy Fencers - K. Boys, S. Sarmiento, M. Mathews, P. Colavitti


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  1. UN amical bonjour de la france et tous mes voeux pour 2011 au Maître O’Brien et à ses éleves.
    Maître Daniel Mouchet

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