Queensland contingent in Victoria

Sam Liao, Stella Lancey and Portia Collivitti

Simona being demure ……

Simona not being demure!

Sam recovering, doing what he does best!

Portia being dangerous.

Dangerous in another way.

Under 15 Epee Champion.

Under 17 Australian Champion with coach Matire M.O’Brien.

Winners are grinners.

Anna and friend

Anna and friends

Nationals in Brisbane

Fencing family

Fencing family

Belinda Ritchie, Ramon & Stella

Stella, Belinda & Simona

Simona & Ramon sharing the sibling love.

Stella, Belinda, Mike & Annie at QFA #1

Innes, Annie, Stella & Tilly.

Innes, Matt, Carlos & Stella

Stella & Mike at AIS AFF#3

Belinda & Mike

Stella, Belinda & Mike




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