Fencing Time all fencers are obliged to know of and understand fencing time. It is nearly impossible to define, but the nearest and generally acceptable definition is that it is the time it takes to make a simple movement of arm, blade, body or all combined.

Priority is the first claim to a point by the fencer that the rules determine is entitled to it. Priority situations arise usually in circumstances of contentious double hits.

Cadence is the rhythmical flow of movement, usually of successive parries as they move to find an attacking blade or close a line.

Successive Parries are an uninterrupted flow of parries covering or closing all lines.

Ceding Parries are parries that yield to authoritative takings, holdings, attacks involving binds, time thrusts and envelopments. They require perfect timing and application.

Trompment is any compound attack excluding those with a broken time component which deceives attempts to parry or deflect. It is often confused with a derobement which is an evasion of an attempt to take or attack the blade.

Counter Action Parries are often referred to as ‘cutting the lines’. They are circular parries taken in the wrong line. Experience competitors find counter action parries useful as an embroiling tactic against and overly aggressive opponent.

Riposte and Counter Riposte

A riposte is an attack after a successful parry. It can be direct, indirect, simple or compound, immediate or delayed. A counter riposte is the attacks first riposte. Any sequence of riposte carried on after the initial ripostes are all counter riposte.

(c) Maitre d’Armes Michael A. O’Brien 22/05/2008


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