Renewed Attacks

The renewed attacks often refer to as the 3 R’s:-

1.       The remise

2.       The reprise

3.       The redoublement


The remise is an immediate replacement of the point in the same line as the original attack. The tactical use of the remise is:

·         Against a delayed riposte.

·         A compound repost

·         No riposte at all

Inexperience fencers make use of the remise regularly and inappropriately. In the effort to the land a touch, they ignore the rules of priority and continue with an already failed attack against a legitimate riposte.

The reprise is a renewal of the attack after a return to guard which can be forward or backwards. It is often used to maintain momentum and pressure on the retreating adversary for the purpose of pushing him across the rear limit of the piste and scoring a point.

The redouble also, is a renewed attack other than a remise (Into any line). It can often be compound. Any poke, jab, prod and stab type of bent arm actions or movements are labelled as redoubles. Points can be scored but that type of movement is usually anathema to quality fencing.


Counter offensive actions

The stop hit and the time hit are classified as counter offensive actions. A time hit is a stop hit which is covered so that it displaces a thrust or stop hit. It is very much a component of epee skills and technique.



A derobement is an evasive tactic against an opponent’s attempt to take or attack the blade. It is good practice for use in a lesson in order to develop manipulative skills.

(c) Maitre d’Armes Michael A. O’Brien 20/05/2008


~ by obrienfencing on 20 May, 2008.

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